Apache warning: apache2 has been deactivated



I’m on a VPS, trying to set up nginx to front apache2 serving a django app via mod_wsgi, and I can’t seem to get apache2 to work. I’ve turned off “Dreamhost managed” on my PS, but I think that since before I did that it was set to nginx somehow apache2 is disabled, and I’m not sure how to enable it manually. When I try to restart apache2, that is, I get:

How do I fix this?


Take a look at /etc/defaults/httpd2 (could also be /etc/defaults/apache2, I don’t remember exactly which one Debian’s apache package uses). I believe that’s the “switch” you’re looking for.

Note that nginx can also run WSGI applications directly using Passenger, which may be more efficient.


Thanks! I tracked that switch down myself but didn’t get back to the forum in time.

I had heard that mod_wsgi can be more efficient on a PS, but I guess it’s much simpler to just use passenger so I’ll go with that…