Apache Tomcat -> .WAR -> Dreamhost?

Pretty new to Dreamhost here. I have a Dedicated Server
I have an applet, archived (.war) that I am trying to use. I do not understand how to install Tomcat, ( Does Dreamhost even support it?) and how to deploy .war file?

Forgot to mention that I have a VPS, and just confirmed with an IT from Dreamhost that they support Tomcat.

The DreamHost support tech you spoke with may have misspoken. It is possible to install Apache Tomcat on DreamHost, but it is not supported — that is, DreamHost Support will only be able to provide limited assistance with installing and configuring it, and if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

Off the top of my head, I’d suggest running Tomcat on a nonstandard port (e.g, port 8080) and proxying your site to it using the DreamHost Panel’s “Domains > Mongrel & Proxy” tab. This may save you some trouble in configuring it.

Alright, that makes more sense. I was actually able to install Tomcat as of now. Now need configure the proxy, like you said. Thank you for your response.