Apache to Nginx migration

I’m looking for a developer that can switch my VPS and website from Apache to Nginx. I have several domains hosted on my DreamHost VPS running Apache, all WordPress sites, but load issues are causing problems.

I’ve seen the Wiki on doing the migration but thought I should see if I can get someone who has actually done it first.

I consulted with a company but they aren’t familiar with DreamHost and wanted to migrate me away. I don’t expect services for free but don’t have a deep pocket to be paying a lot of money either. Send me info if you are up to it and have done it before with references of sites done.


Hard to believe there’s nobody out there that does this that would see this post in these forums. There seems to be interest in this. The performance of Apache is rather lacking on the back end. On the front-end my site is pretty speedy due to caching and CloudFlare but performance on the backside is bad.

Hi Merabaron, did someone reply you about it on the dreamhost chat, I have the same question for some of my websites. Please keep me in touch here!

I haven’t heard from anyone. There’s a small chance I may try to tackle this on my own but I’d rather have someone experienced do it. I did contact two outside companies who said they could do it but one wanted me to move away from DreamHost as they aren’t familiar with DH. The other company also isn’t familiar with DH and said they could do it but would probably not folow any of the DH recommendations on how to migrate and set-up an Nginx server as they weren’t familiar with DH.

I was able to do the switch from Apache to Nginx on my own. For anyone interested I’ll be posting a tutorial on what I did. It’s easy if you know what you’re doing, I didn’t but learned via some trial and error. Once the switch flipped it took about 30 minutes for the server to get WordPress going properly but now all appears to be fine. You can visit at http://www.hawaii247.com


Although my websites were running on Nginx the memory use was too high. So unfortunately I’m going back to what I was running before, Apache with Cloudflare Plus. It’s nice and speedy for clients but on the backend response is slow. I’ll be doing more tweaking on this.