Apache server

Dreamhost is sending me insane. Great service usually dreamhost, I think the last few weeks are just bad weeks??! I hope the apache problem is resolved (hmm…how come it’s always the server my web resolves on that’s affected! Grin!)

If you too are getting the directory listings of your site instead of your main “index” page you can setup a “.htaccess” so visitors can not view your listing of files.

Simply open up a text editor and name it “htaccess.txt”

Type “IndexIgnore *” on the first line (no quotes).

Upload that file.

Then using your FTP program or Shell access remane that file “.htaccess”. Basically put a “period” at the beginning and remove the “.txt” at the end. This will fix the problem of having your directory(ies) listed.

If you need your main page listed immediatly there is a work around too… but i’ll not post that yet because they may have the problem fixed soon. If not I’ll show you how to get your site working again using your “htaccess” file =)

Wow, thats pretty awful.

The server seems to ignore any DirectoryIndex settings in the htaccess file, while this really sucks, I guess IndexIgnore * is better than nothing.

It is only effecting one of my domains right now… I really don’t understand how dreamhost seems to be breaking things so frequently.

Well after around couple hours of my index.shtml not being loaded while accessing my site (http://recoilmag.com) I went to see if there were any new announcements on the status of this problem. This is what I recieved:

This announcement is to let you know that we have fixed the problem with Apache. After going back through some programming changes to the apache configuration template, we discovered that the order in which aparticular
application was being called was causing the index page to not loadinitially.

We have resolved the problem, but should you have any further questionsor concerns regarding this matter, please contact our Support Team!

This announcement has a time stamp of “Jan 31st, 2003 - 11:22:31 PM PST (1 hour 9 mins ago)” so… do I just wait longer. Please let us know when it will “truely” be fixed. My main concern is that our site, as many other sites I would imagine, update around/near the beginning of the month. Our site is one those “Happy Update Monthly Site’s”, as you may put it =P

To add a dash of entertainment to this post I reloaded my page just before the new Apache installment. Of course everything looked fine and loaded right up like normal. Now this is the end of the month and our site comes out with monthly editions to the e-zine. I upload the new content/graphics and then go through the site checking for bad links, missed graphics, etc. I find on one page I missed adding the title header so I go to my editor, add it, upload it, then come back to my already open browser and hit reload just to justify the minor change and give me peace of mind (yeah yeah! no big deal huh?). Well everything was looking good so I thought to just start from the home page again to double check anything there. I type in the domainName and !!!BAM!!! no index! OMG what did I change last!? Oh yeah! The “title” header… “Well the W3 org has some explaining to do” i think to myself. Anyway, I head on over to the DH panel and check the status, announcements and there it is. Apecha gone on Headhunting Spree message. That explains it…

You say Potatoe I say Vodka.

Some text editors let you name the file “.htaccess” to begin with, so you don’t need to rename it. Not all of them are dumbed-down like most Microsoft products so that they keep trying to “help” you by renaming your files to “reasonable” extensions. I use UltraEdit, and have no problem making my files with the names I want.

Be sure to do the FTP upload in ASCII mode rather than binary so the line breaks get converted to the platform-appropriate style, though.

– Dan