Apache server and default.aspx files

My website was previously hosted elsewhere and utilized default.aspx as the main page.

I now use Dreamhost and Wordpress as my front end, but when I check my site statistics, I am still seeing many hits for the old default.aspx file, most likely a result of people having old bookmarks pointing to the old site.

I would like to have anyone who tries to use the old default.aspx URL be redirected to my new index.php file.

I tried to simply create an html text file named default.aspx and inside it have an html redirect to my new index.php file, but for some reason, I think the Apache server does not like the aspx file. I get a 404 Nothing Found error.

Any other ideas on how to redirect this legacy file to a current working one?



Top of .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^default\.aspx?$ / [NC,R,L]