Apache processes being killed on VPS

I’ve been with DreamHost for 3 years, and up until 2 weeks ago loved it. I was moved to a VPS two weeks ago. I don’t have any popular websites. But one of my websites has a lot of pages, and robots were were hitting it hard so I put in a large crawl delay. Things then seemed OK and my memory usage averaged around 100. But a couple days ago Apache starting going down. I watch in “top” as my apache processes would say “” after them and then go away. I contacted support and they said that a 1 second spike above my memory limit would cause it to kill off my Apache processes, and the spike might not register on any graphs. I raised my memory by 100, and Apache stayed up the rest of the day, but went down overnight.

I don’t know what to do now. I’m not making any money off my websites (at least not yet) so I don’t want to be spending lots of money on this VPS I never asked to be on. I can’t be constantly checking to see if my websites are up either. Is there something I can do to get Apache to not be killed or at least come back up by itself after?

Apache processes should respawn automatically when they’re able to. To inhibit processes being killed off the first thing to try is to optimise your websites (and cache as much data as possible if the sites aren’t static).