Apache problem

Curious to know why we weren’t informated that there was an apache problem ?
for the last few weeks my dedicated server had been experiencing problems, was told that it was a traffic problem , my site was getting to much traffic which i found curious as i had seen no increase in activity , but i upgraded my server from 2gigs to 4gigs as i had a few others things planned

but the problems was still there , server became unresponsive even after trying to reset my server , contact support numerous times when my server became unresponsive who said it was a cache problem , a cron problems , a traffic problem

this morning the problem happened again , so again contact support

using top command on ssh my stats were , memory Mem: 4035636k total, 277908k used, 3757728k free, Swap: 3998712k total, 0k used, 3998712k free, 93644k cached

the consultant informed me that
This is an ongoing bug in our system that our admins are working on a solution for. In the meantime just let us know if it happens again and we can restart Apache for you right away.

So i ask again , why weren’t we informed about this apache problem? using system status there is no mention of any apache problems

I didn’t realize it also affected dedicated servers, but the problem is over a year old. See this thread that was started a year ago this month.