Apache mysql php on mac 0sX

I have apache (v2.0.54), mysql (v4.1.12) and php (v4.4.0) installed on my mac 0SX 10.3.9.

My php errors do not seem to include code. So, when it tells me an error is on line 149, it’s actually on 205.

When I upload the files to dreamhost’s server, I get the actual error on line 205, where the error actually is. I can count the lines of code, add it to 149, and the sum is line 205.

Does anyone know what configurations I need to change to get it to also add lines of code? Or is this just some crazy thing happening?


That doesn’t really make any sense. Unless you’re doing some sort of error trapping yourself, PHP errors will generally tell you what file the error occured in, and at what line number. In my experience, this is consistent under Apache on both OS X and Linux.

These line numbers may be deceptive in some cases though. For example, a missing curly brace will return an error with the last line of the file as the line number. This is normal.

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You using unix line endings in your text editor?