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Can anyone help point me in the right direction installing the X-SendFile module on a dreamhost VPS account.
Here is the module dev site: https://tn123.org/mod_xsendfile/

Thank you!



thanks for the link, i stumbled across that in my searches today, it didn’t seem to explain enough for me :s thank you though.[hr]
So, it seems as though the module is loaded now… but i am getting the following error:

Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.


If you didn’t ask support to set it up for you by opening a ticket, then that’s what you should do.

You can read this WHOLE thread if you want, but the last post made by a dreamhost employee sums it up pretty well http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-127481-post-148059.html#pid148059


Thanks, I read that post as well, and contacted support, my response was “we can not set it up for you, but you can do it yourself with an admin user on the vps” - I read and searched thoroughly for for terms like “mod_xsendfile dreamhost” “install mod_xsendfile” “dreamhost Apache modules” - I registered on the discussion board because I have found no help searching and I did follow the instructions where I was able to find “some” help… sorry, if this came across rude I know 90% of the time people post on forums they do not search first, this was my last resort though, so its frustrating to see links to things I have read 100 times this week… :s


It is true that 90%+ of the questions asked here are asked by people who have not bothered to look, so I apologise if my response was not useful.

I assume you’ve set everything correctly in your .htaccess as described here: http://www.qc4blog.com/?p=547

Unfortunately, I don’t have a VPS, so I can’t help you further.


Sorry your having difficulty, I think I would reply back to support on the same ticket if it possible and refer to the recent (Dec 2011) post by andrewf (a dreamhost employee) that says there is a process by which support can enable on a domain by domain basis.


Thank you LakeRat, I after contacting support a second time mentioning that thread they enabled it on the domain. It works great too, so much better than php alternatives! Thank you both for your input.