Apache mod_speling


I wanted to see if we had mod_speling so I put this into .htaccess in one of my directories:

<IfModule mod_speling.c> CheckSpelling On </IfModule>No joy. My goal is to allow users to see MyKewlPage.htm using mykewlpage.htm.

Any hints? Does DH load mod_speling?


Use a basic redirect in your .htaccess file instead:Redirect 301 /MyKewlPage.htm http://yourdomain.com/mykewlpage.htmlNote: I changed .htm to .html to make you look less like a Microsoft junkie!

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Thanks for that but I’d rather not have to crete a redirect for all possible permutations of casing. The only reason I use camel case is for aesthetics, compared to my_kewl_page.htmL. :slight_smile: So I’m still hoping to make use of mod_speling.

It’s ironic that frugality of .htm vs .html pegs a guy as a Microsoft junkie when it’s the Microsoft guys that seem to prefer the verbosity of Visual Basic, and *nix guys that favor the brevity of commands like ps, awk, vi, and sed. Heck, I could have said My Kewl Page.asp. :wink:


Then use mod_rewrite with a bit of rewrite map trickery instead. I think this might work, but you’ll have to check it because my mod_rewrite experience is limited:RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteMap insensitive tolower: RewriteRule ^[\/]*(.*)$ /${insensitive:$1} [R,L]si-blog
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