Apache down?

I created an account 3 weeks ago, and a two-year subscription just got charged on my bank account. Now my site is down. The webserver that I was assigned completely does not respond: http://apache2-grog.praecipua.dreamhost.com.

I was wondering if I might have done something wrong. I am not using dreamhost nameservers because I need my nameservers elsewhere. So instead I created a CNAME record on my own nameserver that points my domain to apache2-grog.praecipua.dreamhost.com. This worked absolutely fine for 3 weeks, but stopped working a couple of hours ago. Is this now allowed or something?

Edit: the server seems to be online again. It was down for approx 3 hours. I hope this won’t happen again :confused:

point your domain to DH’s name servers. ns1, ns2, and ns3.dreamhost.com

any reason not to use their ns? unless you have a dedicated IP, it may change. you should be pointing to an ip, not name.