Apache DOS protection?


Hey all,
I have a site that tracks Amazon price changes via RSS. As you can guess this means there are a ton of dynamically generated feeds. Bloglines attempts to update many of the feeds at the same time. To combat this I pre-generate the feeds. The problem is bloglines still thinks 33% of the feeds are bad. Looking at the apache access log for the bad feeds I see many lines like this:

65.214.**.151 - - [29/Mar/2006:09:56:18 -0800] “GET /feed/amazon/wishlist/2BCDF6JES6O7J HTTP/1.1” 200 316 “-” “Bloglines/3.0-rho (http;//www.bloglines.com; 1 subscriber)”

The 316 content length is consistent with all the feeds that give errors. Of course when I go directly to that feed it is fine, and I have no way of telling what bloglines got that it thinks is an error. So my question is: Is 316 significant in any way? Some apache DOS protection? I checked the error log, but there is nothing helpful there.