Apache Defaults?

Have set up a VPS with dreamhost.
After trying to work out where the default Apache directory is, I eventually set up a currently unused domain and attached it.
Have made changes with godaddy to the NS records, and hopefully I have that right.

My question, though, is A) is there a default directory for Apache to serve files from psXXXX.dreamhostps.com? or is it configured to be unreachable by default? B) where is it?

Do I have to have a domain configured to test out the web server?

I’d think the ps# would be reserved and issue a custom error.

You could add a free dreamhosters.com subdomain in order to run some tests before DNS propagation has completed.

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain / Sub-Domain and then Fully Host eg. ps#.dreamhosters.com


EDIT: She works!

I suppose when I sort out my old domain name I can put up some course projects and portfolio stuff while I do testing in the other directory.

EDIT: Old domain is up! Although I didn’t follow the wiki instructions, just changed NS’s in godaddy.