Apache config. question

I am curious as to why the following URL:


cannot be served. Even when I add an .htaccess that turns off CGI execution, the file is not available. WTF? Is there any way to see the Apache configuration I’m stuck with?

Bit hard to tell without seeing the source. Best guess would be mod_security.

Check: ~/logs/domain/http/error.log

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(after peeking at the file)

Two reasons:

  1. Your script isn’t generating the proper CGI headers.

  2. Your script is importing the AddressBook and Foundation modules, which are specific to OS X. They don’t exist on Linux.

Right, I don’t want it to be served as CGI. I want to serve everything from my domain statically. I don’t see how to modify the apache configuration to allow this, or alternately, to run a less hateful HTTPD server on port 80.

What directive did you use to “turn off CGI execution” ?

RemoveHandler .py

works for me.

Secondly, it appears http://www.homonculus.net/ does not have anything to serve to begin with.

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