Apache Config on DH VPS

is it possible to edit the Apache config file on my VPS?

I have a couple of lines I need to add to get Apache playing nice with the rvm installed Rubies but sadly can’t find where the config files are.

can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

The Apache configuration is under /dh/apache2/apache2-/etc/httpd.conf

Note that it’s automatically replaced whenever you make a configuration change to your VPS, so we don’t recommend editing it if you can avoid it. If you do really need to edit it, set your web server to unmanaged through the Panel (under VPS -> Configure Server) to make our configuration tools leave it alone.

In order for it do do that it needs to pull a master conf file from somewhere when it overwrites…
Personally I’d like to know where that master is so i can add a few lines to that master file to allow tomcat to connect to it and general rewriting rules so when it rewrites it includes them. I’d rather do this and keep the web admin section “on” because when i turn it off apache won’t even start… I wish i would have know about this custom apache upfront because its going to probably be a deal breaker if I cant get it to do a normal simple thing in next few hours

The master configuration is not stored in a location you can edit. Sorry. If you want to make changes to your web server configuration, set the web server as unmanaged under “VPS > Configure Server” to disable automatic updates.

If you’re specifically trying to set up Tomcat, please try using the “Domains > Mongrel and Proxy” section of the panel to configure a reverse proxy. (Ignore the Mongrel part.) This will probably do most, if not all, of what you need.

hummmm ok…

The problem with what you just suggested(making it unmanaged) is that when i do that apache stops and won’t start back up and all the emails stop working

heres an example of a vhost… (although some code could be put into httpd so it wouldnt have to be written into each one

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin ddd@ddd.com
DocumentRoot "/home/user/site.com"
ServerName www.site.com
ServerAlias site.com
DirectoryIndex index.cfm

<Directory “/home/user/site.com”>
Allow from all
AllowOverride All

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8009/

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/(..cf[cm])$ ajp://localhost:8009/$1 [P]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.site.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$
RewriteRule ^/(.
) http://www.site.com/$1 [L,R]

RewriteLog “c:\serv\logs\site\rewrite.log”

ErrorLog "c:\serv\logs\site\error.log"
CustomLog “c:\serv\logs\site\access.log” combined

Im just out of time with this and need to get all my sites moved today so i dont have to pay for 3 servers. Can I just install a stand alone apache in default location? I dont mind running it in unmanaged but if its going to kill email to then thats not gunna fly and I wrote in to support about that and was told basically to reset it but that doesnt work either.

I’m not trying to complain but setting up this system usually takes about 20 min at most but this apache deal is really killing this

That doesn’t sound right. We don’t actually change anything when you switch Apache to unmanaged — in fact, what that switch does is make us stop changing anything. It certainly wouldn’t have any effect on email, either; that’s 100% separate from your VPS.

Regardless, setting the server to unmanaged is likely going to be the right choice for you here. You’re trying to do a lot of things that we don’t directly support (ColdFusion, looks like?), and you seem to have some idea of what you’re doing, so…

well i switched it a few times (managed to unmanaged) and it eventually worked… for awhile and now apache won’t start up and I get this

sleeping...Starting httpd-ps23xxxx webserver...starting...(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address xx5.1xx.xxx.xx:80 no listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs failed.

So I guess i will make the dh server port 81 and just install unbuntus apache because I’m out of time and that might be best anyway so i can get rid of all the php stuff in httpd and get it slimmed down. Does that affect my control panel for mysql db’s and email? Yes its coldfusion and java but its a really simple setup (generally)… just run an installer and point it to a few things. I understand what you did with apache and why, i just wished I would have known that up front so i could have at least planned for it.

I just have to get this done tonight and i havent been to bed from last night yet so if i cant get it to work i gotta find somewhere that i can.