Apache 2.4 support HTTP/2.0, so request for this to DreamHost

Hi all DreamHost users HTTP/2.0 is only available for nginx server on DreamHost at this time. If DreamHost server run on Apache 2.4, then HTTP/2.0 is also available on Apache for all DreamHost Users. So please request to DreamHost for Apache 2.4.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Upgrade Apache webserver to 2.4+ is already in the list of things to do. I don’t have an estimate for a delivery date though.

Is Apache 2.4 any closer to being rolled out on shared hosting?

Hello ianthomas_uk

Thank you for contacting us!

Our Admins are always working on upgrading our servers, however we do not have an ETA on when we will go live with Apache 2.4 on shared hosting. As of April 2018, DreamHost is running version 2.2.22 of the open source Apache HTTP Server.

Matt C

We need HTTP/2 for shared hosting. This was promised to us well over a year ago.

Many other shared hosts come with HTTP/2 support already. Dreamhost is behind the competition.

for VPS Server, we still dont have HTTP/2 for Apache…?

Correct, HTTP/2 is not available for apache on our servers at this time. DreamHost VPS and Dedicated servers running Nginx are capable of supporting HTTP/2 out of the box, with no additional user configuration required. DreamPress servers come with Nginx and HTTP/2 by default for SSL/TLS.

More info here: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/219377648-HTTP-2-overview
Matt C

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However, the topic remains the same…

We need HTTP/2 for shared hosting. This was promised to us. Other hosts give this to their shared hosting customers. That makes Dreamhost shared hosting slower than other hosting companies.

In a time when speed is a huge ranking factor, a slow site has a huge disadvantage.

**Give Shared Hosting HTTP/2 **