AOL addresses blocked?



I’m not able to send email from a Dreamhost-hosted domain to AOL email addresses. They have returned to me with the error message “TRANSACTION FAILED” and error 554 ISP B2. This has happened repeatedly to many different AOL addresses, which I can email from an account not hosted by Dreamhost.

My friends who have AOL accounts also report problems with sending email to my Dreamhost-hosted account.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is Dreamhost blocked by AOL?



We are getting it also.

What’s going on Dreamhost?


AOL has a strongly agressive anti-spam policy and they filter, well, I can’t say everything but it’s almost that…

I have a newsletter and, fortunatelly, aol users are really few but I just cut them out after bouncing for the 3rd time and I have seem a few websites that are sort of blacklisting them (doesn’t allow subscritions with domain).

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here is the explanation:

With the large influx of customers to DH or late, many (most) using dynamic IP’s, this is gonna happen on occasion.

When you read carefully what AOL claims to expect, it is amazing that any email gets through to these poor lost souls:



There’s another thread here regarding this one. I believe it’s the same issue.

Apparently Comcast emails are also effected, not just AOL

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I just got off the phone with AOL support. As others my email forwards to AOL accounts are getting bounced, even though each of these people have called AOL and asked them to put our non-profit group on their whitelist.

When I contacted Dreamhost about the problem, after several rounds, the support rep said that the spammers are hitting the Dreamhost MX records directly and that there is nothing that they can do about it.

Today I talked with AOL about the problem. After about 30 minutes on the phone and talking to a few people, the AOL rep said that there is nothing they can do to “fix” the problems. He said that they feel DreamHost is responsible and that DreamHost is not doing enough to stop spammers who are DreamHost customers. He said that AOL cannot distinguish between DreamHost customer responsible for spam and those who are not…

So this sounds like a classic case of fingerpointing… though I don’t think either vendor seems to be taking their customer impact serious enough. I know that AOL will be lossing several customers who are on our board of directors.