Anyway to use new MYSQL databse while DNS props?

Anyway I can use my brand new MySQL database I just created while I wait for the DNS to propagate for the required subdomain? I finally got enough motivation to start working on my website and want to install the forums but don’t want to wait a few days for the DNS to propagate before I begin work on it. Anyway I can point to the ipaddress/directory on the config for my forums for it to install the tables properly?

Wiki article on accessing your database before DNS propagation.

Also, DreamHost servers will be able to see the new domain and the panel tools for MySQL will be able to access databases on your server. Note that phpMyAdmin is “hosted” on the hostname you created so you’ll have to use the “temporary” method described on the wiki page I referenced.

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If anything you want to do can be done via PhpMyAdmin, there is a neat little “hack” you can use while you wait for your hostname DNS to be available.

If your hostname is “”, you can access it via PhpMyAdmin with the url:

This can sometimes be very useful for doing data imports during a site migration, or other “hands-on” MySQL management. :wink:


Nice, didn’t realize that.

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