Anyway to see how long my site was down?

I got no response on the ticket I opened 10 hours ago saying my site was down.

( was working)

I know it was up at 8 PM. I came home at 1 AM to find a text message from a reader saying it was down.

And it was down when I got up this morning.

It has the “Well, this is Embrassing!” message on a onemanz themed page.

That has never happened before. In the past, if it has gone down, there was a generic white page with a generic internet address error message.

So I wanted to see how long it was actually unavailable.

Anyway to I can just look that up?

By “website down” one expects the server not to be responding to requests. You are getting a 404 error, which means resource not found. Something in your configuration is wrong.

You can see when the 404 errors have started by searching your site’s error.log, seen when the 404 errors for url started appearing for the first time.