Anyway to mimic a caldav type calander?

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So while my big wish would be for dreamhost to enable a caldav service on the servers I have yet to see any indication of that happening. Does anyone know of any good ways to implement something similar? I mainly want to be able to sync between google calender, my mac’s ical, and a web based calender program. Obviously caldav would be the best option but even looking outside dreamhost I cannot really find any good services.


I’m guessing that, since there was no answer on how to do this on DH, that people have found another way.
I just want to sync my calendar between my Mac and my iPhone and publish it so my wife can subscribe. What are others doing?


Assuming that you don’t mind giving your wife access to everything that is sync’d via iCloud just give her your iCloud credentials and have her log in at to view your calender.


There is an old way to do this using webdav and private servers. There were a few bugs, like not completely deleting deleted events. My whole family each had a webdav ical calendar updated every 5 minutes. We’ve now all converted to iCloud.

I felt it was a pain, but you can define a ‘private’ server on ical. Setup a webdav directory in panel, then under ical preferences use the webdav directory you setup.

My $.02 iCloud is way better