Anyway to hire a consultant to migrate an existing Joomla website to Dreamhost?

I’m trying to migrate an existing Joomla/Mysql website ( hosted somewhere else) to Dreamhost and I’m making no progress.

Here are various links I found about what I’m trying to do:

I’ve setup at Dreamhost (but not in use yet since DNS servers and hosting is still with the old hosting service)

I’ve setup a mirror from to

I’ve setup a MySQL host at

I’m able to login to the MySQL server at using phpMyAdmin.

When I try a “one click (Joomla) install” nothing happens. No error message, no Joomla gets setup. No email gets sent. Silent fail.

I submitted a paid call back ticket, but they called back at lunch (when I was out) and said “you need to be hosted at Dreamhost”. Pretty useless. I’ve submitted a new ticket asking to be called back.

Also, there’s no way to reply to a ticket on the website. Am I supposed to open a new ticket every time?

Is there a way to hire a consultant to do this?


PS. I’m waiting on a support chat session while writing this to ask for them to call me back again. Still waiting.

A better method these days is not to use a mirrors, instead point your local DNS to the dreamhost site.

Force your local computer to use dreamhost DNS servers, or local network to use dreamhost DNS servers, or add an entry to your local HOSTS file.

In my case my local netgear router is the best way for me. Netgear firmware provided radio boxes to switch between “Get automatically from ISP” or “Use these DNS servers” I have primary set to and secondary set to When I need to use dreamhost DNS servers I just hit “use these DNS servers” radio button (the IPs are remembered from first usage) and hit the “apply” button. and now any device on my local network is using dreamhost DNS. When I’m ready to switch back, I just switch the radio button back to “Get automatically from ISP” and hit “Apply”. Most modern routers should have something similar. YMMV.

See also:

I can’t find the article that explains using dreamhosts DNS as your local DNS, there was prior in the old wiki but the help pages seem restructured. If there is one, maybe Smaffulli will link us to it.

Ah, finally got through to phone support, I need to unmirror, setup the full Joomla website there, then copy the directory structure to the file structure (leaving database connection info pointing to the mysql server/db setup for the install), then switch DNS/web hosting to Dreamhost.

Interesting, I will consider this as an option. Thanks