Anyway to find out how much RAM I am using?


I hope this is the right place to ask; I did a search but no joy.

I am currently running 35 wordpress blogs on the shared hosting plan and would like to move to a VPS to increase performance. I am looking for a way to determine how much RAM I am currently using so I can guesstimate what the charge would be for the VPS.

I understand that the first week is free; fair enough. But after the end of the week if I discover I am using a lot of RAM I’d like some assurance that I can go back to the shared hosting plan. Overall I am happy with my current plan but would like to shave a second or two off the load times of my studiopress themed blogs.

Thanks in advance!

run command top

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To expand on Patrick’s reply, what you need to do is create a shell user (change one of your existing users to a shell user), then log in to the account using Putty. Once in the shell, run the top command and it will list a bunch of processes with how much RAM is being used, in real time. Keep in mind that memory usage can jump quite a bit during peak hours, so what you see may not be the average.