Anyone want to buy a HiveMail license?

HiveMail is a slick, powerful webmail program that uses PHP and mySQL. You purchase a license that allows you to download the program from their website, which you can then install on your own site.

Last summer I bought a license for the company I work for, and we’ve been using HiveMail for about four months. It’s been really great, but now we’ve moved to Dreamhost that offers its own webmail program so we no longer need HiveMail anymore. I’m posting here in case anyone is interested in buying our license, at a reduced price.

License transfers are allowed and supported by HiveMail.

What I’m offering is one unsupported license ($130 value), for $95.

If you’re interested, PM me for details. I’ll be selling on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thanks!

Hi, have you sold the license? If not, I can offer $50 (can’t afford more than that). Let me know if you are interested. Thanks anyway for your attention and sorry for my poor english :slight_smile: