Anyone using Mambo with Dreamhost?

Is anyone running a Mambo CMS site on Dreamhost?

I have several personal sites and a client site that use the Mambo, and I am also in the process of converting an old PHP-Nuke site over to Mambo. Is anyone here using Mambo?

I currently am not a Dreamhost subscriber, but if Mambo will work with Dreamhost, then I’ll be purchasing the “Code Monster” level of service pre-paid for two years.

It seems like it would be a no-brainer to install Mambo, as it’s just a simple upload/install requiring PHP and MySQL.

Also, how is the performance?

Although I’m not using it, I ran it for a period before we determined it was too heavy for our needs (we ended up coding our own). It ran great on DreamHost, you should be fine.

Pretty much any php based CMS will run on DreamHost.
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There’s a lot of talk about Mambo lately and some big shift in the organization and power struggle etc.

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I have installed two different test versions of Mambo (including 4.5.2) on my account here and both seemed to work well.

I can’t swear that it’s 100% since I’m still figuring out Mambo and its administration, but it seemed to do what it’s supposed to.