Anyone Using Joomla?



I’m curious to see any sites hosting on Dreamhost using Joomla. Anyone?


I am fairly new to Joomla, but I absolutely love it. I’ve brought up an installation for each of my domains on Dreamhost, and have made the switch to Apache, MySQL, and PHP with Joomla at home.

It takes a little bit of effort to get your bearings, but development is very fast and enjoyable after that. There is a great community for support too.

You’ll have an easier time if you’ve used some of these technologies before, and/or are familiar with server side scripting already. Joomla is completely accessible to beginners though, as long as they are willing to give a little effort. This is one of the all Joomla sites I’ve been working on:

The site got to this point, from a single static splash page, with about 10 days of real effort.

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I’m using Joomla at I like it, though it seems a bit sluggish sometimes.


Thanks all for your replies.

This is just what I wanted, some real examples of Joomla sites on Dreamhost.


I have a bunch of domains hosted on DH and several of them are running Joomla. I’ve also helped a total newbie get hosted on DH, install Joomla, and get a site up, all over the phone – and he had NO prior web knowledge at all other than sending email. Here are some examples:

Old Site:
New JOOMLA Site:

Old Site: (I PROMISE this was not my work!)
New Site:

Web Newbie site: (built in a week)

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Thanks. Your sites look great.