Anyone using Jaws? a CMS some one has used with DH?

Well I been testing a jaws-0.5.5 with and get some weird problems… first let me tell that they use suExec and php as cgi for apache so i can’t give to data/ and include/ www-data permissions… I kind of solve with chmod 777 to data/
All looks working good… except for the polls and activate the filebrowser… well put it on the menu (linking index.php?gadget=FileBrowser directly), but looks like with the polls I have a diferent problem.

As DH states:
There are a FEW VERY MINOR drawbacks to running PHP-CGI. They are:

  • 404 pages won’t work for .php files with PHP-CGI. Or will they? See n74’s comment below!
  • Variables in the which are not regular ?foo=bar variables won’t work without using (
  • Custom php directives in .htaccess files (php_include_dir /home/user;/home/user/example_dir) won’t work.
  • The $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] variable will return the php.cgi binary rather than the name of your script
    And just looking:
    grep “_SERVER” gadgets/ -r
    gadgets/Poll/Poll.php: $form->Add (new HiddenEn
    try (“currentaction”, $_SERVER[“QUERY_STRING”]));
    gadgets/Phoo/PhooModel.php: } elseif (isset($_SERVER
    [“PATH”])) {
    gadgets/Phoo/PhooModel.php: $path = $_SERVER
    gadgets/Phoo/PhooModel.php: $ip = $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”];
    gadgets/Blog/BlogModel.php: $ip = $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”];
    gadgets/Chatbox/ChatboxModel.php: $ip = $_SERVER[“REMOTE_A
    gadgets/Chatbox/Chatbox.php: $_POST[‘
    email’], $_POST[‘url’], $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]);
    gadgets/VisitCounter/VisitCounter.php: if (!JawsError::IsError
    ($this->_Model->AddVisitor ($_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”]))) {
    include/JawsTypes/JawsDependency.php: foreach (split (
    ":", $_SERVER[“PATH”]) as $env)

So testing further the chatbox also gets weird…
If i make an entry i gets me to the index.php… also if i use the poll never see the results… I know there is the .6 RC soon but I will wish to have a tip or two on what I can do to get this one running also if you wish to see my test jaws…