Anyone using CometChat on Dreamhost?

I’ve been in contact with a dreamhost rep on whether or not this piece of software is acceptable to use on dreamhost architecture.

I’ve also sent a message to the creator of this product with no response after almost 2 days.

Dreamhost rep asked if it has persistent processes, and im not sure on that.

Is anyone using this software or aware of this software being put on dreamhost?

I’d like to know if its acceptable before purchasing the product.
This product is a plugin for phpBB3.



The documentation sounds like it’d be fine. Before you buy CometChat, though, give AJAX Chat a try first. It’s similar, and free.

Keep in mind that chat scripts like this do generate significant server load, though. If your chat gets busy, you may be asked to upgrade to Dreamhost PS.

AJAX chat scripts are quite server intensive. I was running one, and how I had it initially set up used up about 20McN of database usage a month. I changed a few things brining the database usage down to ~1McN, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that.

Thanks for the advice guys.
Andrew, your title on here ways DreamHost code monkey.
I take it, you’re affiliated with Dreamhost?
What part of the documentation led you to believe its OK for dreamhost?

Thanks for the advice on AJAX chat, I use flashchat now, which cannot be housed on dreamhost servers. Im looking to switch hosting companies, as my current server admin will not upgrade past php4.4.4.
I took a look at the AJAX chat, it looks nice, but I want to get away from the chat room feel.

I also didnt have much luck with flashchat in the 3 years ive used it.
People like forums, I guess.
So, I want to have an instant mode of communication interweaved with the forum software, which is popular far beyond the dedicated chat.

For whatever reason, flashchat wasnt successful, I think people like forums, not chat “rooms”.

Andrew, is there anything else I can do to ensure this thing (cometchat) wont throw up red flags and suspend my account?[hr]
I got a response from the CometChat folks just a few minutes ago:


CometChat does not use any persistent processes. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot reveal customers using CometChat on Dreamhost. CometChat uses smart-polling i.e. it polls depending on user activity (between 3 to 12 seconds).

To purchase CometChat, please point your browser to:

We look forward to having you as our customer :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,

CometChat Sales Team

[quote=“MegaMav, post:4, topic:52964”]
Thanks for the advice guys.
Andrew, your title on here ways DreamHost code monkey.
I take it, you’re affiliated with Dreamhost?[/quote]
Yes; I’m a DreamHost employee.

Works on shared hosting: CometChat does not require any special servers.” and “Only PHP + mySQL required”. That more or less tells me how it works — it’s polling a PHP script on the server periodically to pick up new messages, which are stored in a MySQL database.

Yikes! That’s not even the most recent 4.x release (the last one was 4.4.9).

Ah… well, if that’s the case, suit yourself then!

Andrew, thanks for your help, and looking into everything.
I will be shipping my website over to dreamhost July 4th weekend, and will be implementing cometchat.

I have everything set up on my DHpanel, created the databases and everything, just need to do the restore and conversion work.

My website isnt that big, so I dont anticipate a big load anyway.

Thanks again, and take care,