Anyone using CMS Made Simple?



I was recently on another server prior to moving to Dreamhost when I just made the change due to a server crash on my former host. I was using CMS Made Easy and it was working terrific. However, now that I’ve moved to Dreamhost, I’ve tried to install CMS Made Easy and I keep getting this error:

“Could not connect to database. Verify that username and password are correct, and that the user has access to the given database.”

I’m not sure why it’s happening, but if someone could help me with this ASAP, that’d be terrific. I saw that Dreamhost offers Joomla, which seems like an awesome CMS, but when I tried to customize it and the sort, I got completely lost and couldn’t find a tutorial to my liking on how to create templates and fully customize the CMS.

So, if anyone can help me with this CMS issue, that’d be great. If not, I’d really appreciate it if someone could give me a really in-depth explanation on how to go about working with Joomla and creating a typical three-column layout with a top banner and footer.

Thanks so much!


Is it CMS Made Simple. or Cms Made Easy? I have installed and used CMS Made Simple before on Dreamhost and ran it with no problems.

It sounds as thought you either have incorrect values set up for your database connection, or that mySql server was down (wwhich happens occasionally at DH!).

I suggest carefully inspecting your install for the correct user, password, database name, and db host. Many users neglect to change the db host to their DH host (set up when you created the database - usually something like ,leaving the “host” configured to “localhost” or the like.

Alternately, once you get your head around it, youo gotta love Joomla. There are hundred of GPL templates available on the web, as well as numerous template creation tools and tutorials if you google for them or check out the major Joomla sites (again, Google is your friend!)

I think the vbest way to get your own template up and running is to grab on of the “Three column” free templates out there and modify that…Joomla also has a “built in” banner rotator module, so that is an even easier piece of cake.



Just realized that I forgot to log on before…whoops.

Anyways, yes, I ment CMS Made Simple. For whatever reason, I keep calling it CMS Made Easy. Anyways, I plan on moving over to Joomla later on in the process, but I’d like to get CMS Made Simple installed first.

I quadruple checked that all of the values were correct and the MySQL database was up. I made sure that it didn’t say “localhost” but it is still saying that it cannot connect the user to the database.

Thanks for the Joomla help- I’m searching for layouts as I speak. =D


What exactly is “CMS Made Simple”?

Is it a CMS or a front end to one?


It’s a CMS: