Anyone seeing false "disk quota exceeded" errors?


For the past day, when trying to create new files or save existing files to my server (winston), I get a “disk quota exceeded” error. This can’t be right because I’m using about 1/7 of my allotted disk space. Is anyone else experiencing this?

(This is rather frustrating, because I was actually editing a file in vim when this started happening, and when I tried to save the file, vim choked and wrote out an empty file. Meanwhile, I can’t do any web development until this problem is sorted out.)


This is something you’ll have to go through our support team to resolve.

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Sure, I understand; I’m still waiting for a reply from support. I was simply curious to see if anyone else had run into this.


I found your support request and got things rolling for you. The problem was affecting some other people, but not very many.

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Thanks, Dallas, I appreciate it!


have you recently set up a email account and quota the email space really low. I did that once to an email account and it screwed my whole webspace thing up. Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?


Yeah, the space for your mail and for your web is shared if they have the same username (as they do by default when you first sign up) so if you set your mail quota low it will also set your web quota low. If your mailbox uses a separate username they have separate disk quotas and you can set them independently.

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