Anyone runs Autogallery SQL with dreamhost?


I’d like to know if anyone here runs Autogallery SQL or other versions with dreamhost? If you do I would be interested to know how many cpu minutes it’s using and how many visitors the site has a day. I think my script is taking up too many cpu minutes. Right now I get 10,000 unique visitors a day and growing really fast and my cpu usage each day is around “1926.8900 or more and all from php.cgi” is this a lot and how do I find out what PHP.CGI is? I use about 15 gigs of bandwidth a day. I also have one more question…does the cpu get used up when people download lots of files which are 4-5 mb in size? Also how many cpu minutes can I use maximum per day?

Thanks in advance

Please don’t double post. Placing the same post in more than one forum wastes resources and makes it hard for others to participate, as some may answer in one forum while others will answer in the other :wink:

See your other post in the other forum for a response to the content of your post.