Anyone redirected lately?

When I try and set up a domain redirect I go to “add domain”. I then enter the domain name and click “Park/Mirror/Redirect” and it requests that I pick a plan for hosting.
I don’t want another hosting plan as I already subscribe to the Crazy Domain Insane hosting plan for my website I DO however want to redirect a domain ( to this plan. It says in the knowledge base that redirecting is free and I have done
it in the past (maybe 2 years ago) but the way the web panel is set up I cannot set it up without seemingly signing up for another hosting plan. The steps in the knowledge base which are pretty simple don’t seem accurate with the web panel (The steps it says are not options to take). It used to be, because like I said I did this before. Please explain if anyone knows how I can do this. Thanks.

Every domain/service you pick on DH has to be assigned to a plan.

When the web panel asks you to pick a plan for hosting it is asking you which (some people have more than one) plan you want to assign the redirect to.

Your (one) option should be “Crazy Domain Insane.” Just click on there and you can finish up the redirect process.