Anyone managed to set up Dreamhost / CloudFlare / Mail forwarding to Gmail?




I recently activated CloudFlare for one of my websites. However, it seems I got problems with my email now.
Hosting: Dreamhost
Mail: Dreamhost
CDN: CloudFlare
Domain Provider: Namecheap

I would like to forward all my emails to my private gmail account. However, since I activated CloudFlare it seems that email is not working at all anymore. The forwarding rule is set up in, but email does not work anymore.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

THX, Markus


why cloudflare would be related to email ?


I think it’s because changing DNS has effects on everything. WWW, MAIL, SMTP, etc.

Anyway, it seems to work now. So what did I do?

I removed my page from cloudflare within the cloudflare dashboard. I changed the DNS settings of my provider namecheap back to the Dreamhost DNS. Then I went to the panel of Dreamhost -> domain -> edit and activate cloudflare from within Dreamhost.
Obviously there is a partnership between Dreamhost and cloudflare and they have integrated the activation within the Dreamhost panel.

The manual approach did only work partly for me (email didn’t work), the automatic Dreamhost activation worked fine.

Of course I had to wait about 24 hours till DNS changes replicated everywhere.


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