Anyone know that they're losing incoming email?

I just had two messages trickle into my inbox that were sent to me on Friday. Can someone explain what’s going on? The messages weren’t bounced back, but I feel as though I should have gotten more messages this past weekend. Instead, nothing. Is anyone not getting all of their mail?

I couldn’t be more pissed right now. The two emails I just got were important - as in, a potential opportunity to apply to a graduate program got seriously F’d up because of it.

I have a user that has been complaining about the same thing. We’ve done a bunch of config changes so see if it’s client or server based and it looks like the msgs are just not coming into DH or getting bounced away.

ie: set mail client to leave message on server. Have lots of people send msg to DH acct as well as yahoo acct. Only 15% seem to make it onto DH server by checking w/ webmail, compared to all making it to yahoo box.

Seems odd because other users don’t have same problem.

Any thoughts from DH support on this

I have a few users that are experiencing the same issue…

They sit around and wait on a client message, call the client, and when the client resends the message finally arrives.

Some original messages do not arrive for almost 2 weeks afterwards.

The first time this happened, I just assumed that the client was bluffing when they said that they had sent an eMail; perhaps got tied up and “thought” they sent it…

I had been blaming this on the outgoing servers of the senders ISP, but being a recurring problem, and now seeing others with the same issue; it makes me wonder if it may actually be a DH issue.

A support request was placed relating to this issue with absolutely no response.

A nice simple, yes it may be an issue on our end, or no, it is not us but we will monitor would be nice from the DH techs.

yes, an email was sent to me yesterday which was also CC’d to someone else. i have yet to recieve that email so the person who was CC’d had to forward it to me.

the original send is whitelisted in my spam filter and is not in my junk filter.

but it looks like all my dreamhost mail is now down again so it looks like i won’t be getting ANY mail any time soon.