Anyone know how to install mono correctly?

i do a lot of development with the mono platform ( I contacted dreamhost support to see if they could install it for me, and i got the response that no, they wont, but if i want to, go ahead.

anyway i ran the Linux Installer for x86 binary that mono has on their downloads page. It “installed”, i guess, in the sense that there is now a mono directory there with a bunch of stuff in it.

however i can’t find how exactly to run mono. the installer said it would add it to my path, but when i type “mono” it just says “bad command or file name”.

anyone know how to install mono and get it working?

If mono is the good command to run and you get this output it’s because the path to the directory containing mono is not set. The first thing you should do is relog to see if the path is updated. If it’s not working, type “echo $PATH” in your home directory. Usually, if you don’t see the directory where mono is then your command won’t work unless you are in that directory. You have 2 choices. Either go in mono directory and type “./mono” or you could also edit your .bash_profile in your home directory and add the PATH env variable (ex. add PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games;/home/yourUsername/monoDirectory".