Anyone know how to get Varnish installed on a VPS?

Just wondering if anyone has installed varnish on a VPS, or has a link to a tutorial on how to do so. I am currently running nginx. any help would be greatly appreciated.

varnish is a caching load balancer. It cannot be used as a complete substitute for a web server - you still need a web server of some sort to run behind it.

right on, maybe i don’t know enough about it, but is it possible to get it installed and running on a vps on dreamhost? my dreamhost vps would be the webserver running behind it.

You should be able to just SSH in with an administrator account and use sudo apt-get install varnish.

Then you have to configure it.

Anyone was able to install it? And then get it working with nginx?

Would like to know this as well. Just was recommended to use Varnish Cache instead of W3T Total Cache for a WordPress site and would love to hear people’s experiences. Did read you can install it on Debian so I assume I can do it on my LAMP VPS…