Anyone in Support Team answering?

Hi there,

I have been submitting support tickets for the last 40 hours, as all sites are down on my VPS and no amount of resource upping and rebooting server will bring them back to life.

No answer to any of these tickets from the support team though.

I have been using DH for four years now, and this is the longest I have ever had to wait for a response.

Anyone else having trouble raising anyone Support?

Support Tickets have always been a sort of “Wait and see” sort of thing for me. I usually do a post on this forum with my exact problem, a support ticket, and then the chat via the control panel.

By posting my problem in those 3 places, I generally get my issue resolved within a few hours.

As a side note, I recently had a similar issue to yours, and it turns out that a change I made on my php.ini that was wrong (I upped the memory limit and should have been 90M, but I instead had 90MB)
That one little error was causing Apache to not be able to start. Fixed that error and everything started up nicely.

Hey there!

Sorry about the delays in responses we’ve been pretty backed up!

If you can mention a few domains and some details about your issue we can go ahead and take a look into it, or just go ahead and reply back via our support system.