Anyone having spacey problems?

My outgoing mail isn’t working on spacey but incoming is fine. I did an email check through support and said there aren’t any problems. Anyone else having issues?

I got an automated message from my WordPress installation at 9:30 am eastern. (It goes to my gmail account)

I’m on the spacey cluster.

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Are you using webmail or outlook express?

If you have problem with webmail, you may want to specify the problems and contact DH support again.

If you are using outlook express, The SMTP port of your email server is 587. Did you miss this?

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Both incoming and outgoing mail have been working fine for me. I’m in the spacey cluster as well. So uhh… yah I dunno.
Perhaps your outgoing mails are being put into a spam/junk box? I noticed it’s doing that for me in hotmail anyways…

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I’m routinely running into major slowdowns on Spacey which occasionally results in timeouts. Meh.