Anyone having problems with movable type 4?

i’m having some serious problems with either dreamhost or movable type 4, but i can’t figure out what the problem is. is anyone else having any problems with mt4? or just cgi in general?

i can’t seem to publish any of my entries (they all just time out), and it’s the same deal when rebuilding monthly or category indexes. the logs do say “premature end of script headers” but i don’t get it - everything worked fine before! (even when i first got mt4 running)


I was having problems with an upgrade, It did post but kept bringing up an error. To solve it I just exported all my posts, reinstalled fresh and imported my posts.

Now I just need to figure out the theme.

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i might have to try that, because this thing is driving me nuts. one of the guys at dreamhost is looking at it now, so there’s still some hope that maybe it’s a small misconfiguration error or some kind of residue from the day dh got all screwed up…