Anyone has installed php of their own?

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Hi Guys

I was thinking to install the php of my own, I need some more php memory, LDAP, etc. and I was told that I can do it easily thro’

I’ve never tried to install php of my own in a server, and hence wondering, what all measures I should take to avoid any mis-happenings … say, if I can’t make it properly, can I come back to the original settings, or I’m in the deep sea …

any suggestion will be appreciated.

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You may want to search through the forum messages. Many have installed it already. And, uninstalled it and installed it…

You will not break anything and if it goes wrong, delete it, and start over.

If you get stuck then ask and someone will be able to offer advice.


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Thanks Norm … I was just worried what would happen if do anything wrong …

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The internet will come to a crashing hault! and it would all be your fault!

Joking. But seriously, the worst that would happen is that your website wouldn’t work for a bit. It’s easy to delete the stuff - no ‘uninstall’ process, just delete.

–Matttail - personal website


He he … thanks Matttail … I’ll try … let’s see … otherwise I’ll have to come back to you helpful guys to look for tips. :slight_smile:

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And when you do, be sure to search first before asking. :slight_smile:

It’s not only to help keep the forums clean, but it’s also for your benefit. You learn a lot more when you find the answers out yourself vs somebody telling you what you did wrong.

yerba# rm -rf /etc