Anyone else's sites off line since "upgrade" lost night?

My sites and are offline and have been since I got up this morning (US Eastern time zone.)

I have submitted a ticket and put in a message via Dreamhost Facebook page and have received no notification in reply about what is going on.

Am I alone in having my sites completely GONE from the internet as of today?

Hi tspnyc,

Yes, same here. We have a couple sites that have been down.

I know they have some maintenance coming up along with a high demand of support requests lately. I waited in chat for about 15 minutes and finally got through. Maybe try that if you’re still needing support.


Mine is now offline since maybe 5 minutes ago and once again it is not on their Status page. They say only big outages are on there when I contacted support. Every site on the server is down because the server is down… I guess that’s not big enough of an outage. I feel bad for the tech support having to answer a flurry of questions from the site owners though.

Edit: It has now been up and down for a day and a half. Still waiting for support to fix the host machine that my VPS is on, the previous chat tech said the server is overloaded… how long does it take to migrate accounts? I thought with VPS instances, there are limits in place to reboot the VPS rather than overload the machine? This machine must have old VPS accounts on it or something?

Yes! Our sites are down too!
Have you figured out what the problem is?
Our sites sit for a while, then give an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.
There is nothing in either site’s error log. Removing the .htaccess file doesn’t change anything. The sites don’t use PHP at all. I have no idea where else to look!

An update: Both sites suddenly started working, with no explanation given.

This is a relief, but I wish DreamHost was communicating with me. I have no idea what happened.

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