Anyone else on server Doheny?

I’m curious if anyone else on the Doheny server is experiencing similar problems.

It is literally a daily occurence that my websites will go completely down for a 10-15 minute periods throughout the day.

Also, PHP/MySQL performance has hit a new low.

Perhaps the Doheny server is especially over-loaded? Maybe it needs an upgrade? I’m not sure, but if this persists I’ll be forced to look elsewhere for hosting. As it is, this is the quality of hosting I would expect from a free solution.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this…

You may want to drop Dreamhost support a message, it could be that some other user on the same server is running a rogue script making it appear that the server is unresponsive, does the 10-15 minute period of downtime occur at the same times every day or is the downtime random.

Also not Dreamhost have had some major issues with their filesystem in the last week that could also be related to the problems you are seeing, see for more information.

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