Anyone else notice sites going down?

None of the sites I have hosted on whittier.dreamhost are working.

Also, I can’t get to pull up either.

Anyone know of any scheduled outtages that might be causing this?

Yeah, hard to get a status report when the status report page is down…

One of my sites is up and running “normally”, but I did have an error once about my SQL not exsisting. Another wouldn’t load at all. “index.php” not found…but it has since come back.

Oh the joy.


Ditto here, except that all of the sites under my main user account are down. Which really isn’t all that convenient, and this isn’t the first time that it has happened in the last few months.


The status page is the only thing that doesn’t load for me – but that’s not hosted here, so I doubt that’s linked to any other problems.

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Same here, my site is kinda up and I can’t get to DH status either.

Status is down here too.

My sites are up, however. They are a bit slow.

I’m starting to think DH should scrap the whole status site for one that just tells us when services are running normally. It would be MUCH less work for them since they wouldn’t have had to do anything for the past month or so.

my site has been slow, unresponsive, and lagging badly for the past 3 days during the morning hours and was down for over a hour yesterday.

Likewise, I can’t get to and my site is either unusably slow or not responding. My site was that way for the last 3 days with the exception of last evening.

I thought the status page was hosted elsewhere, to let DH customers check the status even during a major outage. If it’s hosted at DH, that makes it a lot less useful…

I’ve been with Dreamhost for over 6 years, and I’ve stuck with them through their growing pains over the years. I’ve never really considered leaving them until the past few weeks. It has just been awful. How anyone can run a business like this is beyond me.

It’s been several days that I experience several complete downtimes.

Today, my site is down like every 10 minutes, including FTP.

So every 10 minutes i’m disconnected from FTP breaking my file upload.

I’m always suprised about how much RAGE I can feel when troubles like this happen with my hosting provider.

Yep, all my sites are down, again, frequently, every day.


I’ve been with them for nine years, but they don’t care about turnover. Their goal (judging by their posts on their blog) is to have a lot of customers. Rather than taking a quality first method to achieving that, they’re just packing everyone in as fast as they can.

Meanwhile they are shorting their long-time customers but I guess that makes sense. Many of us now get greatly discounted/free/get paid to host ad DH because of all the customers we’ve referred. If they get the old guys to leave, they wont have to pay out anymore.

Unfortunately, the tactic they’re using has always been proven to be detrimental for the long term. There’s a ton of names for it, none of which have a good connotation.

Alas, they still seem to be trying, at least. Michael is often very helpful so I still stick around. They don’t have to post in this forum, they don’t even have to say they’re trying, but they do. Maybe I’m becoming a victim of PR.

My site isn’t down, but it does have its unusually slow moments. I suspect it’s network related, though… it looks like the server I’m on, Scipio, is getting hit fairly hard. Or has a lot of IO requests queued up.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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Oh, my sites are “down” … In quotes because they respond, but Apache server not working very well. And here’s why:

[quote]top - 12:21:17 up 3:59, 8 users, load average: 652.20, 592.17, 467.18
That’s on Yerba. 0.o

yerba# rm -rf /etc

The Dreamhost Panel’s contact support page has a message saying that the server hosting has failed and since it isn’t at their primary center, it will take them a while to fix.

Seems like they need additional redundancy somewhere.

Anybody have a good LAMP host they can recommend? I can’t take this anymore. I’m trying to get a commercial site off the ground and DH just isn’t cutting it. Might be fine for a blog, but I’m trying to draw in visitors. These outages are a killer.

I’m in the same boat you are. The part that really pisses me off is that I just purchased a year long dedicated IP so I could have SSL on my site.

I can’t take this crap, I’m switching the domain over to my lunarpages account. This is ridiculous.

can’t get to my control panels or my sites without awful lags, often it times out. FTP has been almost impossible. This has been going on for days now. I can get the main DH page, the blog which says nothing recent, and these forums. is apparently down too. I can ping it, but not pull it up. But being hosted elsewhere there’s always the possiblity it can go down for whatever reason on it’s own.

whatta drag.

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[quote]The Dreamhost Panel’s contact support page has a message saying that the server hosting has failed and since it isn’t at their primary center, it will take them a while to fix.

Seems like they need additional redundancy somewhere.
LOL! Let’s see, it costs maybe $2k to setup two machines that are mirrored. One can build a server that basically has redundant everything…

I guess their status server gets hammered so much that the hardware decided to give up :wink:

8 hours now. In the past the outages haven’t lasted long enough for me to find a new webhost. After the dismissive attitude of DH tech support response, I can’t see how this situation is going to get any better.

Here’s hoping to them getting their act together in the next day, but I am not going to hold my breath.