Anyone else having DreamObjects issues today?

All of my dreamobjects seem to be down, across multiple accounts.

Frustrating because I am trying to work on some scripts.

update: 3pm almost all DreamObjects are back up for me.

…hmm, still having some issues. losing connection with DreamObjects at random.

I also had some downtime yesterday.

…and down again

Really not a great start to an otherwise good year.

We’ve discovered a bug that randomly causes some requests to slow or hang. We are upgrading DreamObjects starting tomorrow and expect it to resolve the bug and the random slowness. Hope that keeps the year pointed in the right direction!

Today, 01-14-15, about 4 PM for about 5 minutes no DreamObjects would download. Now all OK.

[UPDATE] Nevermind - it was stuck logging into a second account I manage. A few logouts and cookie clears fixed me up.

[color=#A9A9A9]DreamObjects is grayed out today for me in the panel.[/color]

Today, 01-23-15, about 3 PM for about 5 minutes no DreamObjects would download. Before that for about an hour some images were very slow to load or failed. Only a few maybe 1% or fewer. Now it’s like that again about 1% missing. Random: no pattern.

Today, 01-28-15, about 2 PM very slow downloads.
This image took 7 seconds, usually a single image is .2 second or less.
Uploads don’t seem that bad, last I checked.

I’m also having some speed issues today.

Access times:

Today 2/3/15 now it’s 2:25 I’m getting 500 Internal Error for objects.

Me too, probably due to this,

K. Thanks. I didn’t see that.

9:20 PM 28 seconds to get 50 images.
Now timeouts.
Also about 4 AM cloud service was very slow too, but it got better.

edit: Fixed by 10:20 PM

02/26/2015 Just after noon.
Intermittently slow. For instance:
12:00:01, 23.1973
12:10:02, 4.8693
12:20:01, 1.5364
12:30:02, 24.2015
That’s seconds to download 50 files. On a better day that would be like this, from today:
00:00:01, 0.3481
00:10:01, 0.2958
00:20:01, 0.2099
00:30:01, 0.2288
00:40:01, 0.2603
00:50:01, 0.3530


We have seen an intermittent increase in request times recently too. We’re adding more load balancers as well as testing alternative (faster) web backends to better handle these growing pains. I appreciate your patience and your reporting of these problems!