Anyone cancelled a year-long account and received a refund?


My DreamHost website is down… yet again. As I’m registering my new account with Rackspace, I’m plenty mad about the year’s worth of hosting I’ve already paid for at DreamHost.

Has anyone successfully received a refund for the remainder of a DreamHost agreement? My business website is virtually unusable with all this downtime.



if it’s within the first 97 days, it shouldn’t be hard. After that, you’d probably have to work something out directly with Support.


From what I remembered, DH refunds the remaining. Have you closed your account? I’ll suggest you to double check with DH support before you take any action.


From the Terms of Service:

I have bolded the most relevant sentence.


Thanks! I did open a support ticket to bring DH’s attention to the overall slowness issue. Still waiting for a reply, days later.


Please read the reply from LakeRat. It is very clear that it will not be refunded for the unused portion :frowning: