Anyone can help me with awstats PLEASE!


I’ve been struggling with this for a week now so would be grateful if someone, anyone can help. I have managed to get awstats running however, I now have a problem password protecting the folder. I used DH’s htaccess/webDAV feature to create a username and password for my cgi-bin/stats folder. The minute I did that, I got a 500 internal server error everytime I tried to log in. I contact DH support and they said they don’t see anything wrong with my htacess config. and have no idea why it’s not working. That was it! So I deleted the previous htaccess file and created another one. Did everything the same, and this time I can log in fine. Stats look fine but not updated (I have not even gotten started with the cronjob) so I try to update manually but hitting the “update now” link - got log errors. Cannot update. So now I’m really stuck. THis htaccess/webdav feature is suppose to make this passwording thing easier right? But why doesn’t it just work!!! Is it my awstats? But it can’t be cos it updates fine when it’s not password protected!

Can someone please help?