Anyone been having a lot of downtime recently?

The server my site is hosted on is [].

Any ideas as to the cause of the problem?

Yes, I’ve been having many issues with the nimitz server. Session use keeps dieing then being available sometimes (keeps erroring that it cannot write to the /tmp directory). It also lagged badly last night and went down completely. When it came back up it wasn’t working correctly. This is the second or third day of hosting with DH and I’m seriously considering switching to another host.

I’m not thinking like that, but I am wondering what the problem is. There is no mention of problems in the control panel announcements, so do dreamhost realise that there is a problem?

If you haven’t already, both of you should probably contact support and refer them to this post.

I have contacted support. There is a huge backlog for them to deal with :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: it is having mysql problems again. The mysql databases are on the ‘guinness’ server.

Guinness has been having trouble since yesterday morning. Sent a ticket in yesterday morning, removed it because I thought it had been fixed. Still giving me occasional login errors. Sometimes I will be able to login and sometimes I won’t.

(I know my login information is good, checked that over so many times.)

Sorry to press for this AGAIN, but DreamHost should really be offering some RELIABLE, server-based uptime/downtime monitoring/reporting for us clients, unless these stats are so poor that would driven most of us away. Hmm …

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My site on server ‘tak’ has experienced brief (less than an hour) outages this week.

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I’ve also been having some downtime the past couple days, mainly with email, though the panel has been flakey too. How do I know which server I’m on?

Also, how do you find out how many issues are in their support queue?

Which server:
Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage -> [see ‘server’ column]

How many requests in support queue:
Control Panel -> Support -> Contact Support -> Support options - Submit support Request - [x open requests]

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Oh man, those were all painfully obvious weren’t they. heh. Thanks though :slight_smile: