Anybody using concrete5?



Hi there,

We are using Concrete5 to design our website:

It’s good but a few functions not available, like adding a page turning button.Also we tried Wordpress, but it’s not easy to use.

Maybe some guy want to share his experiences for a business webpage design.



I have not used concrete5 much, but that function (i guess pagination is what you want?) and others could easily be added to any major CMS with the help of plugins or some custom theme hacking.

Most of them come quite bare bone in order to not be cluttered, and are easily expanded as needed.


i think wordpress is good choice because you can solve problems and find answers so quickly by googling
there are many wordpress users but concrete5 is used rare


I have created about 10 sites for Businesses using Concrete5 and I am very happy with it.
It’s the first tool I’ve come across that allows my users an easy (non-complicated) way of updating and making simple content changes. Websites can be up and running in hours.


I setup C5 as a possible option for a not-so-savvy user to use to handle membership for a media server and after 10 minutes of him playing around with it he didn’t want to consider anything else. It’s a great little hands-on app, especially for people starting out, and it has some real usable power under the hood for those who are more well versed in CMS application.

I’d be interested to hear from other users who have experience with C5 too.


Pagination is indeed possible, but not out of the box because C5 was designed as a CMS, not a blog. You can read the debates about this on the C5 website, but blog plugins have been created which will give you most of the functionality of a typical blog.


Just a quick follow-up
I’ve developed using both Drupal and Joomla, in the early days Wordpress was primarily for blogging and it didn’t offer ME the flexibily to be as creative as I wanted (I know it’s much improved now) so I did not go there.

C5 has a lot to offer both the developer and a user who wants to maintain their own site without developers involvement. It is by far (IMHO) the easiest to use. I’m a webmaster and if I can pass on most of the CMS editing to my users with out them turning the website into a “colouring book” and/or screwing things up then I’m really happy.

I have two types of users - ones who want to just update the sites content and ones who one to dabble on being creative (web designer wannabes).

C5 offers both, as well you can secure design areas (Headers, footers, banners etc) so users can only update the blocks they need to without screwing up the whole site. For the would be user/designer, simple sites can be up quickly and the editing and feature functions are for the most part intuitive.

The C5 Community is very active. There are add-ons galore (paid for and free) that can be downloaded from a user market place. I’ve also found that the support communiity is very active, informative and attentitve. Most questions that I have asked have had good responses within hours with proper assistance and/or good intructions/directions.

I’ve developed C5 sites for small biz (simple 5 pages sites with - Home, About Us, Services/Products, Contact Us) and more sophistcated sites as well as “club/organization sites” with user login, registration and privacy areas which are now managed by the users themselves. I get called upon to develop add ons or provide some guidance once live but for the most part they have got the ball - and are happy.

I’m happy with C5 - although a this time of writing, DH’s one-click install for C5 is missing from their OCI panesl. Just as I was going to set up another mock up for a user.


I am using C5 with a website intended to communicate with volunteers at the trolley museum where I am the Administrative Assistant for Operations.

The goal is to make the site so that I don’t have to be married to it in the future. I am a software/hardware engineer who has limited web experience. I need idiots to be able to do basic things and C5 almost makes that possible.

I have two problems. 1. The text editor is wysiwyg but the styles controls do not work so I get style upon style and cannot clear them!

Problem 2 is not a CMS problem. It is a Dreamhost problem ( I believe ). My site is one of the many that got hacked and not enough user have experience cleaning up C5. I have thousands of hacked C5 php files!

Dreamhost, you are pi$$ing me off!


DH is pissing you off because you chose to use free software which carries absolutely no warranty as to its fitness of purpose which was subsequently exploited? Did DH write the software?

Are you also blaming DH for your inability to use other freely available tools such as [font=Courier]sed[/font] which, if used properly, can strip out the offending lines from your thousands of php files in a few seconds? Or are you blaming DH because you failed to keep a backup, or even a repository, of your site which would have allowed you to simply restore your site to it’s original condition?

I’m sorry if this seems harsh, but let’s place blame where blame belongs. Being a webmaster is not a simple job. When you sign up for a bit of space on a hosting service, you are signing up to be a webmaster. If you don’t have the skills, time, or knowledge to do it, then you should pay for a hosted application as suggested by concrete5: