Anybody on tammany

I know it’s sunday morning in california, not the best time of the week to get quick support, but my WP 2.0.3 blog on tammany ( if you’re curious)
is currently crawling slower than a dead snail.

If someone hosted on tammany is reading this : am I the only one suffering or is it a server-wide problem ?

If someone from support is reading this : S.O.S. ! please answer my tickets even just to say that you’re investigating.

If someone has good karma available : please send it in the direction of tammany

Thanks in advance !

Everybody needs Somebaudy

Yep, horribly slow. Though FTP to nelson responded lightning quick.

However, upon checking your site, two files are not found:

Missing files tend to hang some things up. I forgot to actually watch to see if the slowness was due to initial connection, or actual page generation.

Two things I’d suggest in any case:

  1. Fix those missing files
  2. Turn on WP-Cache

While you’re waiting:
SSH into nelson and type in the command: uptime
to see what the load is like. It should be less than 5.00

[edit] I noticed you said your server is tammany (spelling?). A host lookup tells me you’re on nelson. What makes you think you’re on tammany?

here is the uptime

10:55:54 up 7 days, 19:33, 2 users, load average: 7.36, 8.54, 7.80
[nelson]$ load average: 7.36, 8.54, 7.80

wp-cache is activated.

I will try to fix the missing files

Everybody needs Somebaudy

That load average is too high. I think you already contacted Support, but they should be able to track down the offending process(es) that are keeping the load high. It could very well be some other user on the box.


I’m not so sure that the load average is too high. With a dual core machine, that’s only a load average of 3.5. While a little taxing on the server that shouldn’t be the cause of any major slow down. Maybe I’m wrong - would be interested in hearing what support has to say on the matter.

–Matttail - personal website

While a load average >5 isn’t excessive, it is abnormal from my own experience and what I remember others have experienced.