Anybody install Edgewall Trac?

How was the process? Any kinks or suggestions?


I just found this on the Wiki:

So, answered my own question. I’ll leave the topic up for the next person who searches on it like me :slight_smile:

Let me know if you get it working. I couldn’t get it to work. The instructions on the web are horrible. The wiki is a nice start, but it has a few holes.

If you got it working please share how you did it on the wiki.

I can’t tell if he got it working or not ( Its definitely installed and you can access the main Trac page, but its still not clear where things stand today.

I think you’ve got it working. I actually had it working for the most part myself but like an idiot I decided to start from scratch again.

Can you tell me if you used the “–disable-shared” on ./configure for subversion?

For what steps where the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH variables set? Did you wait to logout or did you just go on and log out later?

What are the next steps after you have a trac environment directory and trac has everything else in /home/USER/share/trac/*? I got confused at that part whenever I had it mostly setup.

Well I think I got it to work now. I’ll go update the wiki with some more tips.

Are you following the “Installing Trac without Debian packages on a shared host” directions or the initial directions for a shared host?

BTW, we can vote to have Trac added as a 1-click install in Dreamhost!! - One-Click Installs&search=Trac

(NOTE: Copy-and-paste the full URL to view the Suggestion vote)