Anybody having issues with payouts for affiliate payments?


I’ve contacted 2-3 days ago DreamHost’s customer support about Affiliate payment, for some reason my payment is still on hold after more than 110 days (suppose to be released after 97 days), and I got no answer back from the Billing department so far. Their customer support member told me “it’s very strange”, and that I should open a ticket about it. But not a single answer of “We working on it” or “It will be fixed soon”… nothing!

The client that I referred to DreamHost still hosted so there is no issue about it. I just wonder if this is only me or other people experiencing this as well?

Luckily it’s only 1 client that I referred, which is $100, but what if it was more than this? I will not recommend such company who put their affiliate on the lowest priority.

After patiently waiting to see if they actually payout in the end of 97 days, I got my results and answer - They don’t. Please stay away if you plan to join and use their affiliate tools and links because you wont get paid after such a long payout time, I had a feeling that I won’t get paid, trusting DreamHost is probably my biggest mistake.

Planning on moving all my sites from them to a different company, I don’t support companies with such low and bad ethics or disrespecting their affiliates, people who give them even more business in future and putting good word out there on their behalf.

Very very disappointed and speechless.

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